Aklala Batik is a Togolese social business specializing in a unique batik (cloth printing) technique. The printed fabric is manufactured into fashion, accessories and all sorts of practical and beautiful decorations.

Aklala Batik is managed by professional and licensed tailor, craftswoman and entrepreneur Chantal Donvide. The social business has trained multiples apprentices in the craft of batik and tailoring. Currently, Aklala Batik employs three women who have obtained their diploma after three years of apprenticeship underneath the leadership of Chantal Donvide.

Chantal Donvide initiated and stands at the heart of TailoringTogo. She shared her vision with Katharina Senzenberger and Tilde Jonsson, who were participating in long-term volunteering programmes in Togo at that time. The mutual commitment of these three women marks the beginning of their cooperation and the first step towards realizing TailoringTogo.  Additionally to a strong friendship, they developed the idea for the project and worked passionately to find supporters and carry conviction to the public – with success!