Elise is 19 years old, comes from a village near Kpalimé and has 6 siblings. Her mother died when Elise was only 7 years old because the family couldn’t afford the medical treatment.

„Je veux faire la formation en batik, parce que après mon bac il y a personne pour me soutenir. Mon père n’a pas l’argent, c’est un cultivateur. (…) Après la formation en batik, j’aimerais si le Seigneur m’aide, les portes seront ouvertes et moi je vais sauver ma vie. Je ne veux pas rester les mains croisées avec mon mari.“
(I want to start the apprenticeship in Batik because there is no one to support me after I finished my Baccalauréat. My father doesn’t have any money, he lives on subsistence farming. After finishing the apprenticeship, with god’s help, I hope that all doors are open so I can save my own life. I don’t want to lean back, stand next to my [future] husband and do nothing.”)