Our Mission

The idea to realize the project Tailoring Togo marks the beginning of The Force, which was founded in 2015. We see the project as our first step to reaching our goals in promoting female empowerment.

Promoting female empowerment by strengthening women rights

  • By providing free quality education
  • By creating safe and fair-paid work
  • By establishing sustainable future prospects
  • By promoting social, economic and political gender equality

Empowering women by fostering creativity

  • By supporting traditional handcraft and art
  • By sharing ideas and implementing creative decisions in the work process
  • By finding new means of sustainable development cooperation

Promoting female empowerment by creating a supportive environment

  • By investing in a local social business, led by a female entrepreneur
  • By providing a space, where women can inspire others and empower themselves in the process
  • By believing in talent and competence
  • By collaborating on the same eye-level